When It Comes to Layoffs, Are You a Keeper or a Weeper?

When It Comes to Layoffs, Are You a Keeper or a Weeper?

Become the Remarkable Employee who Escapes the Chopping Block

Being a remarkable employee is for the brave visionaries who know deep inside that they can’t just do the status quo and be happy. It’s also for you if you can say that you care about the success of the team and the company that you work for. No amount of coaching will impact you if you despise your place of employment. Being remarkable means embracing the vision, direction and mission of the company.

Is does not mean that you automatically approve of how decisions are made, it does mean that you are willing to become the best YOU, and bring your A game each day.

Google says:

If you did a quick Google search, you’ll find many articles and posts on that say the following about being a great employee:

Don’t’ gossip

Challenge yourself

Keep learning

Show up on time

These are all good and wonderful traits to have but they are not remarkable traits.  The employees, who stand out, get chosen for promotions, special projects and more have remarkable traits.


Your Value Beats the Pink Slip

Become a person who adds value; all of life is about a value exchange.  When you shop or make a purchase you exchange money for a service that you value.

It’s the same with how you contribute in the work place.  You are not just doing a job you are adding value through the exchange of your skills.

How do you add value to your company?

Have you thought about it?

If your company had employee layoffs, what would they say about you when deciding to keep you or let you go?

I can tell you that the employee with the most valuable contribution will escape the chopping block almost every time.

This means that you can be good at your job, show up every day, meet deadlines, be nice and STILL get chopped when it’s time to down size.

Don’t Cause Trouble Please…oh and Here’s Your Pink Slip for Being Good!

Good employees blend in and don’t cause trouble, but the employees who gain the most favor are the employees who add to the bottom line of the company.

By this I mean that your presence actually makes the company more profitable.

Being a profitable employee is about more than money. It’s any value exchange that contributes to the profitability of the company you work for.

When There’s a mouse in the room! Bring a mouse trap!

Employees who are always pointing out problems are perceived as a liability. Their negative filter threatens to derail the whole team. Pay attention to this, negative employees put themselves at risk even when they are pointing out shortcomings and problems in the company!

When you see the problems and can provide real solutions you add value to the team and the company. In time, you’re seen as the person to go to for help.

A remarkable employee causes your employer to stop and consider what it would cost them if they let you go.

Author and speaker Jim Rohn, suggests that the way to be a remarkable employee is to work on yourself.

Remarkable employees, remarkable bosses, remarkable people, remarkable marriages, remarkable friends don’t get that way by accident they get that way by intention.

Average just happens while becoming remarkable is a choice.

Being remarkable may not come naturally but it is a skilled that can be learned. Actually, becoming remarkable is not just a matter of skill it’s a matter of practice and defining principles.  According to Rohn if you want it? Then work at becoming it.

Who Made You Community Leader?

I worked on a national marketing team with over 300 members. The company decided to restructure and narrowed the team down to 12 Marketing Managers across the nation. Each manager who made the cut had something of value to offer the company. My expertise was building relationships in our community. Those relationships turned into media coverage, partnerships, promotional opportunities, prestige, access and money.

I was considered to be Remarkable at connecting with the community and that trait added value to my company. The same can happen if you add value through the influence you have on your team or the influence you have with shareholders, investors or business partners.

What is your unique value proposition at work and how can you grow it in a real and meaningful way?

Until now, you may not have considered the profitable value that you bring to your company. However, becoming remarkable will require you to know the unique value that you offer your company.

Jack of All Trades, Master of Remarkable

I recently sat down with Pastors Paul and Suzy Ransberger and asked them a few questions about being remarkable or adding value in the workplace.

Pastor Paul shared this bit of advice that he got from his father and later passed on to his children: Make it your goal to learn how to master every position around you. Don’t just learn your job, look around and see what’s going on in front of you and learn how to do that. He used this principle to move up in company after company then he passed this wisdom onto his sons who have been recognized for doing remarkable work and for getting great promotions.

 The Chopping Block Is For the Average Not for the Remarkable

Key points:

  1. Add value and make your company more profitable.
  2. Bring a solution to any problem that you present.
  3. Master various positions.
  4. Be intentional about becoming remarkable.

What unique thing do you do that adds value or profitability to your company? What bit of advice would your offer others on how to become valuable at work?

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