What Is Workplace Coaching?

Coaching is a tool that can help employees develop skills that can help them move forward in their work lives. Often times the result of coaching is increased productivity, better time management and better relationships/connections within your team.

What coaching is not is therapy, punishment or an opportunity to discipline a struggling employee. Coaching is a supportive conversation in a safe place where an employee can express their thoughts on theĀ desire they have to improve their skills, to resolve stressful situations or identify roadblocks they may have in the workplace. The coach is a partner to the employee and through questions, active listening and clarification, leads them to discover their own solutions.

In essence, it empowers the one being coached to discover their own solution, purpose and passion thus making them more able to commit to lasting growth and change.

Workplace coaching helps support the employee in achieving the outcome that they desire.

A workplace coach works with individuals, teams or inside of the company to help them create a more supportive and cohesive culture.

A no judgement non-bias interaction is the benefit of working with a coach. A coaching environment provides the one being coached with theĀ freedom to be transparent knowing the coach is their partner and supports them in reaching successful outcomes.

The benefits are far reaching and can help to improve productivity as well as profitability.

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