Responsive Websites get Google Priority

Responsive Websites get Google Priority

Mobile Ready Websites get Google Priority

April 21st is an important day for you if you have an active website. Google has issued a change that requires all websites be mobile friendly. This means that your website can be viewed and read on any device; for example a cell phone or a tablet.

This is called responsive design. When your website is designed on a responsive design platform it will change or respond to the size and viewing space of any device that you use.

After April 21, websites with responsive design will be given priority in search engines and websites without responsive design will most likely be buried and difficult for those searching for you to find you.

You may not know if your website or the website of your company is responsive so here’s a quick test that you can perform:

Click on this link and put in the URL of your website.

A quick scan of your site will be performed and it will tell you how your site appears in Google it will also tell what you need to fix in order to comply with the new guidelines.

“Google recommends responsive web design as the industry best practice for websites. A responsive website seamlessly adapts itself to whichever device it is being viewed from. While responsive web design should be your ultimate goal, creating a fully responsive site can present a challenge for many small business owners. However, simply using Google’s guidelines to optimize your existing website for mobile platforms will help greatly in the meantime.” Forbes

Resources to Help to Make Your Website More Responsive

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More people view websites on their mobile devices than on their desktop or laptop computer. This is the reason that the website that drives business or visibility to your company needs to be easy to read from a mobile perspective and easy to find when someone wants to take advantage or your products or services.

Tina Marie Hilton of Girly, Girly Designs takes care of this site and the sites of my clients. If you need help with compliance or any website issue you can reach her here. Just tell her I sent you! She’s a jewel to work with.

It may seem like a bit of a pain to go through the time and perhaps expense of updating your site but in the end it’s very good for your business. When your clients, customers or others that you serve look for you, you want them to connect with you and not move on to your competitor who has a site they can read from their phone or tablet.


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