RePurpose Work Coaching Plans

Laser Coaching|

  • Two 90 minute sessions
  • 90 day group coaching sessions (One session each month)
  • Laser Goals Checklist
  • Laser Coaching recording of both of your sessions
  • One thirty minute follow up after the 90 day group coaching sessions.
  • Option to schedule additional private coaching sessions.


Confidence Coaching|Most Requested Plan

  • Four 60 minute sessions a month
  • 90 Day group coaching sessions
  • Confidence Building plan (Created by client and the coach)
  • Recording of all coaching sessions
  • Mid-week check in email
  • Option to schedule additional private coaching sessions

Sessions will explore :

  • Confident Core
  • Confident Vision
  • Confident Communication
  • Confident Work
  • 1 Mid-week email check


Confidence at Work (Employer Program)

  • On-site coaching with your team.
  • Group coaching sessions.
  • Individual coaching sessions.

$3,500.00 a day (3 day minimum)

For more information about your on-site coaching program please place a request via the contact page.

To schedule your coaching plan please go to the schedule page.



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