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What does it really take to love the work that you do? If it were only money, then the 70% of people who are unhappy at work would suddenly be satisfied.

You need much more than money in order to love the work you do (I’m sure you already know that!). We were all created with a place inside that connects our work to our ability to contribute to the world in a meaningful way.

This meaningful connection is often the missing link when it comes to loving the work that you do.

Since we are not robots it’s important to have a sense of connection and satisfaction at work.

 One Thing

What’s one thing that you would change in order to get greater enjoyment from the work you are doing?

Would you improve your skills?

Would you ask for more support? For a raise or for a different position?

Would you have an important conversation with a co-worker or a supervisor?

Would you ask for more feedback or to have a workplace mentor?

Would you asked to do work that is more challenging or more aligned with your goals for your professional life?

These questions, left unanswered have caused many to quit good jobs and good companies. Sometimes leaving is not the answer.

There is a way to love your work that does not involve quitting, at least not as your first option. The secret to loving your work has to do with engagement, connection and contribution.

How would you feel if you had a coach/partner to help you define your unique work path, and once we find it, help you move the road blocks out of the way so that you can enjoy it?

Here are some of the major road blocks that keep people from loving their work:

You don’t know what your passion is or what kind of work you want to do.

You need more training or tools in order to go where you want to go in your work.

Your work does not mean anything to you, and meaning is important.

You’re not the right fit for the work you do.

You feel unimportant or invisible at work.

For too long employees, employers and business owners have not taken these things seriously.

How would your life change if you felt honored, appreciated or valued at work?

How would your employees perform if they knew you held them in high regard and valued their contributions to the company?

You spend so much of your time at work. What would it take to make it meaningful and enjoyable?

It’s time to change the way you think about your work so that you can have the best possible working experience each day!

RePurpose Work coaching is here to partner with you in becoming happy with the work you do and happy with the culture, sustainability and profitability of your company.




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