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RePurposework.comAs a Certified Professional Workplace Coach I get to do work I love and work with clients and students that I love. For the past 15 years I’ve had the great pleasure of talking to hundreds of people about their work.

I love to hear what makes them shine and what makes them shrink. It’s from this passion for seeing people enjoy their work and companies enjoy their people that I became a workplace coach (and a passionate cheerleader for people at work!).  

There’s something pretty special about being a part of the 30% of people in the world who love the work they do.  

Every conversation is exciting and every client breakthrough is a cause for celebration. I must admit, I love to see people win!

It makes me happy to watch that moment when it all connects for a client. It’s their joy of discovery that makes the coaching partnership so special. Besides, I believe we were created to sparkle. When you do work you love it just makes you sparkle from the inside out!

People Who Love Their Work

Some of the thirty percent  work for large companies, some for small companies, some for ministries and some work for themselves.

What they all have in common is that they have found the sweet spot in not only the work they do, but in why and how they do that work.  

Coaches and mentors help you tap into the passion that you’ve always had within you.  You deserve to have a work life (and personal life) that you love.

I want to be your partner in helping you discover the place where your work connects with purpose and meaning.  

My Why 

I have had many great workplace experiences and I want to help you do the same. I work with workplace issues such as confidence at work, communication, project advancement, transitions through technological growth, finding your sweet spot at work and helping to build a harmonious connection between employees and employers.

I do this because I know it’s one thing to get the job, it’s another to keep and advance in the job. It’s a joy for me to partner with you and help you create a work experience that you love.





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