75 Ways to Develop Confidence at Work

75 Ways to Develop Confidence at Work

  1. Know your value.

  2. Know the value of others.

  3. Do what others won’t do.

  4. Embrace your strength and let it be ok to be the best.

  5. Be the best.

  6. Grow in emotional intelligence.

  7. Don’t react without thinking it through first.

  8. Give yourself permission to learn, make mistakes and grow.

  9. Take a moment to calm down when upset.

  10. Help others when you can.

  11. Ask for help when you need to.

  12. Be kind.

  13. Be encouraging.

  14. Cross-train yourself or ask to be cross-trained.

  15. Complete projects before the deadline.

  16. Double check your work.

  17. Practice improving your skills.

  18. Take a class online or in person that will grow your skills.

  19. Get certifications, even simple ones.

  20. Have a life and friends outside of work.

  21. Each day, be thankful for the job your have. Thankfulness is your secret weapon.

  22. The grass is not always greener at another job. Quit wisely.

  23. Have a contagious attitude.

  24. You control your attitude, not your boss, co-workers or clients.

  25. Treat your work like a mission or a calling.

  26. Learn to add value to your team.

  27. Don’t be afraid.

  28. Don’t participate in office gossip or in meanness at work…or at home.

  29. Create a culture of honor at work.

  30. Be your own personal leader.

  31. Be a good leader to your team.

  32. Believe the best about those around you.

  33. Smile.

  34. Keep a box of beautiful thank you cards at your work space, when something good happens send a hand written thank you.

  35. Exercise.

  36. Eat well.

  37. Take care of yourself.

  38. Take responsibility for your happiness.

  39. Get a coach or mentor.

  40. Sharpen your communication skills.

  41. Always be clear on what’s expected of you.

  42. Always verify that your team knows what you expect of them.

  43. Don’t be intimidated by anyone, respect, not intimidation gets the job done.

  44. Be trust worthy.

  45. Be careful what you post in social media about your work, your company, your co-workers and your life.

  46. Obey the company guidelines about using your personal social media at work.

  47. See your work as a contribution to the world.

  48. Take a real day off.

  49. Respond to email quickly when it comes to your work projects and your team.

  50. Don’t get lost in email as a way to avoid real work.

  51. Don’t be ordinary.

  52. Realize that you need a bigger pay-off than a pay check to be happy at work.

  53. Fix something that is broken.

  54. Don’t be a know it all, or a bossy pants.

  55. Let people finish what they are saying instead of interrupting.

  56. When someone behaves badly at work, don’t take it personal, it’s their issue.

  57. Be loyal and follow the chain of command.

  58. Be the first to apologize.

  59. Do something kind or helpful each day.

  60. Give up your need to be right and choose to understand the other person.

  61. Forgive.

  62. Forget.

  63. Do to others what you would want done to you.

  64. Seek new opportunities.

  65. Provide new opportunities.

  66. Plan for productivity.

  67. It’s not all about you.

  68. It’s okay to be different.

  69. Take care of your personal life issues outside of work.

  70. Keep your emotional heart healthy.

  71. Don’t blame others.

  72. Learn more about your industry.

  73. Know your options.

  74. Know your life goals

  75. Know your value!

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